Scrap Attack!

"In a world where waste rules the earth, evolution brings forth a new form of hybrid life, created out of used materials. Diversity of scrap monsters take over" -- Headhunterz

We don't want that to happen right?

Creating stuff out of used materials? Never satisfied using stuff for its intended purpose? Never satisfied with stuff anyway but still want to build it? Then welcome....



Knuth DBF400

Machining/Lathe Work

Dial indicator/ camera stand
Die casting mold
Machine table
Drawbar wrench
Bench grinder fan
Knurling, parting tool holder
Vise Support
Boring bar holder
Lathe compound nuts
R-8 tool holders
Wood turning center
Wood Turning Tool Rest
Wood Turning Chisels
Drill Organizer
Threading Tap Handle
Baseball bat hammer handle
Baseball Bat Hammer Handle
5-C Collet Cloture Part 1
5-C Collet Cloture Part 2
Medicine Cabinet Scrap Bin
Pipe Clamp Vise
Cotter Key
Grinder Tool Rest
Maurice White's Mic Stand
Recycled Notebook Fixture
Machining 16" Diameter Wood
Machining Fiberglass
Kitchen Knife Handle
Free Washers!
Molding Press

Bicycle Projects

Fender bracket repair
Strap-on bike pedals
Bicycle Seatpost Part 1
Bicycle Seatpost  Part 2
Bicycle Bell Ringer
Bike Stereo
Bike Stereo
Using Acorn Nuts
Air Compressor
Bicycle Handlebar "Up"grade
Fender Bracket Repair Part 2
Bicycle Upgrayedd 2
Bicycle Upgrade Repair
Sirius Stereo
Aku Aku Hood Ornament
Single Speed Conversion
Ironclad Upgrade
Niterider Mount
Basket Mods
Brooks Saddle Issue

Fender Repair Part 4
Ironing Board Bike Rack
Seatpost Ultimatum
Bicycle Stereo Rebuild
Stem Repair 3
Big Bell Ringer
Light Mount 2
Bike Mic Stand
Bicycle Trailer II

Other Forms of Scrap Alchemy

Cooking pot stand 
Audio RCA Patchbay
Baseball Bat Keychain
Excel in the machine shop
Learning Excel
Tap Handle (Brewing)
Headphone Jack Modification
Broom Repair
the completed new sink handle installed
Sink Handle Replacement
Cutting Board - Vegan Upgrade
Practice Light Sabres
The Master Sword
Chair Repair 2
Waffle Repair
Fraudulent Vise Grip Repair
Refrigerator Compressor Dismantling
Air Conditioner Dismantling
Stocking Stuffers for Machinists

Wooden Plant Pot
Loft Bed
Wooden Equipment Rack
Wooden Computer Desk
Computer Lab Lighting
Tray Repair
Computer Lab Curtain Rod