Tuesday, April 30, 2019

YouTube Recap | Videos from April 2019

In case you are not subscribed to our YouTube Channel or you missed one, here are the videos we released in the month of April. In total, a total of 6 vids were released. More videos are coming, so don't forget to subscribe!

I Tasted these Honey Bunches of Oats Flavors so you don't have to

"I was baited by an instagram ad so I had to try these cereals for the novelty. They tasted exactly how I thought they would." -- Vinny

How many grapevines do you need to grow to make a bottle of wine?

A lot of people have been asking me how much wine I've been able to make from my container vineyard. The harsh truth is... not that much.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

D.I.Y. Toilet Paper

Okay, I was hoping it wouldn't have to come down to this, but I ran out of toilet paper, and the nearest store only had paper towels.  They just so happened to be these environmentally friendly recycled ones from Seventh Generation, but nonetheless, they'll do the job.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Grapevine Acquisitions and Vineyard Update Year 5 April 2019

Now that all the grapevines are out of dormancy, it's time to take a look at them and predict how the season will go.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

We Brewed in a Hailstorm -- Hail Storm Surprise Altbier Brew Day

The last brew day at my little condo was quite extreme. It also happened to be the latest in the day I've started brewing.
This brew my buddy from the Dunkelweissen brew day came to join me going half-in on this batch. We initially discussed making some kind of amber ale, but those plans got slightly.... altered. From my Trader Joe's Beer Reviews, I really liked the flavor of the Alternate Dimension Altbier enough to try a brew of that style. Here is the recipe we came across for that style:

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Top 6 $1 beers from Trader Joe's

If you are a frequent shopper at Trader Joe's and visit the alcohol for some fine $3 wine or other beverages, you may have seen their house brand beers. Believe it or not, even though they cost $1 each before any taxes or CRVs, these are an incredible value. Let's review my 6 favorite $1 beers they have for sale.

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Alternate Dimension Altbier Ale

Tasting notes:

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Josephsbrau Hefeweissen

Tasting notes:

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Josephsbrau Spring Prost Maibock

Tasting notes:

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Josephsbrau PLNZR

Tasting notes:

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Black Toad Distinctive Dark Ale

Tasting notes:

Trader Joe's Beer Review: Stockyard Oatmeal Stout

Tasting notes:
Very dark, good roasted character and good mouthfeel from the roasted oats.
Probably my favorite of the $1 Trader Joe's beers is Stockyard Oatmeal Stout.

Stockyard Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5.2%
Flavor Profile: Roasted; caramel, malty
My rating: 8.5/10

Timestamped video review and tasting: