Saturday, May 2, 2015

Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

I generally do not make promises I cannot keep. Even if it takes a little over 2 years to follow through on it, I'll still manage follow through. Yep, today I finally got around to starting a batch of mead. For those that do not know, mead is a fermented beverage made from honey. Think of it as a honey wine.
5 lbs of Kirkland Honey
I needed a fastpass for the checkout line today
Using the classic recipe for Joe's Ancient Orange Mead, I set out to acquire all the supplies necessary to make my 1 gallon batch. The most important being 3.5lbs of honey. I can thank Costco for making that so cheap. (If this comes out good, I'll look to using locally sourced honey.) The other ingredients came from a "safe" store. (The only thing I did not get were the cloves. I can add one in later)