The Foundry

The Foundry in action

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The Foundry Progression

Foundry Attempt 1
Initial Progress and Uncertainty
Introduction to the foundry and my initial doubts from unsuccessful attempts.
Foundry Success
First Success
Getting the furnace to work as expected and burn oil properly by using pressure tank.
Iron Melt attempt
New Blower & Iron Melt Attempt
Soap Dish Cast Attempt 1
First Soap Dish Casting Attempt
Soap Dish Cast Attempt 2
Second Soap Dish Casting Attempt
New Oil Burner
Trying Out the New Burner
new pressure tank set up
New Oil Tank
Testing Everything and Pressure Tank Disaster
Oil tank Redemption and Controlled Burn
Molding Sand
Ankh Casting
completed soap dish
Aku Aku and Soap Dish Casting
New Crucible and Casting Brass
Melting Honda Engine Head
Casting with the Molding Press
 First Attempted Production Run
Foundry Related Projects
Blower Build
Building a Blower
Soap Dish Die Cast mold build
Beach Firepit Metalcasting
New Foundry Sand Sieve
Turtle Unification
Painting the Ingots
Building the Molding Press

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