Saturday, May 25, 2024

Replacing the Bottom Bracket on my Budget Bike from Amazon

This is my Vilano hybrid bike. I ordered it off Amazon 7 years ago and outfitted it with some fenders and a cargo rack. The total cost for the bike and accessories was just under $300, so you know this is a cheap bike. For the price, it has been fairly reliable. Aside from quick trips to/from the gym and back, I have taken it on distances as far as 15 – 20 miles. Regarding repairs, I've had to replace a few broken spokes in the past, which wasn't too difficult; I had to learn how to do those repairs myself. The reasons here being:

1) the bike is cheap, repair costs from a shop would exceed the cost of a replacement bike of this style

2) when I brought the wheel to a bike shop for advice, they essentially told me to toss the bike and get a better one.

Now 7 years later the bike has developed a new problem. When I'd pedal, there would be a subtle 'thunk' in the crank area every revolution. Researching the problem online said the bottom bracket bearings were failing.