Wednesday, January 12, 2022

DIY 72 Plant NFT Vertical Hydroponics | Technical Package

Are you looking to grow food at home, but lack space or don't have soil?

Have you ever been interested by hydroponic gardening? Does the premise of food security mean anything to you after we have experienced lockdowns and bare shelves?

Well I may have the solution for you! You can build your own hydroponic garden, just like this one! Available today from Greens and Machines is the technical package detailing how to construct this hydroponic garden.

What's great about this garden?

You can grow 72 vegetables in ~9 square feet. Think of this vertical garden as a land multiplier. This is great if you live in a location with a small patio, and it will allow you to MAXIMIZE your growing space.

Garden does not require soil, and in fact is the perfect fixture in a yard with just flat concrete.

Vegetables grow much quicker than in soil

And the harvested vegetables are much fresher than that in a grocery store!

Since this garden is as local as it can be, you can guarantee some level of food security for leafy greens. If this pandemic made you consider that, then this could be part of your solution.

What you will get by purchasing this pdf:

Detailed diagrams on how to build the frame, growth channels, and nutrient solution reservoir

Guide on the best plants to grow in this garden

Troubleshooting and other frequently asked questions answered!

So if you're looking to start a hydroponic garden this year, check out our Etsy Shop and purchase the technical package for this garden.


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