Sunday, March 31, 2019

Completing The Computer Lab - Curtain Rod

The final structural addition to the loft bed computer lab was to add the curtains.  I had some curtains left over from my old apartment which my mom made for me, but unfortunately, we accidentally donated the curtain rods.  Thankfully, the Law of Scrap Alchemy saved the day when I found this extended mop/squeegee handle in the trash that happened to be the perfect length to span the entrance to the computer lab!

First, disassembling the mop parts I didn't need.  Drilling out a couple of rivets, and peeling off the plastic was all that was necessary.

The handle tubing was different sizes on either end.  I decided that the easiest way to hang it would be to machine some small cylinders that screw onto the bed frame, and fit the ends of the curtain rod over them.  These would have holes tapped in the sides to screw the curtain rod on.  The result would be a much cleaner look than typical curtain rod hangers.
First, machining the cylinder for the large end.
Measuring the outside diameter with a ~100 year old micrometer my grandpa gave me.
Now machining the cylinder for the small end.
Tapping the holes in the sides.  I went with my favorite size, #10-32.
The completed cylinders.
The large cylinder screwed onto the left side of the bed.
The small cylinder on the right.  Note the pencil markings on the wood below, these were from my initial idea to support the curtain rod with wood blocks with holes drilled in them.  The idea of the cylinders seemed more rigid and simple.
Now the curtain rod is fit over the cylinders and screwed down.  The mop handle consisted of 3 segments of tubing which tightened by twisting at the needed length.  This made for a rigid setup.
Complete with the curtains hung.  I like how the blue mop handle color matches the pattern.
I put some tape over the gaps between the tubing segments to aid the smooth sliding of the curtains.
Maximum privacy and distraction-free workspace is complete!
And I must say, at night with the interior lighting, this looks pretty awesome!
Loft Bed/ Computer Lab Series:
3. Lighting (coming soon)
4. Curtain Rod (this post)

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