Sunday, September 25, 2022

DIY Wario Costume -- Sewing the Hat and Gloves

For this Greens and Machines blog post, I will be going over the steps I took to make a Wario Costume from off the shelf items. Not nearly as complex as the Coach Z costume, but I am certain someone will want to reference this post later when they go to make a costume.

How do you put together a costume of my favorite character from the Super Mario universe? It is less complex than you'd think.

There are 4 main pieces to the Wario Costume (and a few extras, but those aren't critical).

The Hat

The Gloves

The Shoes

The Shirt and Overalls

For this post, I'll be going over the items I needed to sew, the hat and the gloves.

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The Hat

I scoured the internet for the best way about buying or making the iconic yellow hat. At first I wanted to buy a yellow baseball cap and sew the 'W' onto the cap, but I couldn't find a yellow hat. Dying a hat yellow seemed out of the question. What I ended up doing was making the whole hat out of felt.

For the Wario colors, I needed 2 pieces of yellow, one piece of white, and one piece of blue felt. I searched online for a pattern, and referenced an Instructable that made a Mario hat. The felt I had was not identical in shape, so I made my own pattern to best utilize the 9x12" pieces of felt. If there is interest for the pattern I made, I can draw up it and offer it as download.

The two main pieces of the hat are the top of it, an oval cut shape, and the piece where my head goes, which is an identical oval shape, with a smaller oval cut out in the middle. The edges of these two I sewed together with yellow thread.

Next I sewed on the emblem to the front of the hat. This was a semi-round piece of white felt with an oversized blue W sewn over it.

The brim of the hat uses some of the leftover yellow felt and a piece of the white felt. Sewing this on last, I had to be careful not to thread through the W emblem piece. With this sewn onto the front of the brim, the hat was complete! A bit tedious I add, but it came out great.

Total cost of the hat was $2 for the felt, and then an extra $3.50 for the yellow thread I didn't have.

These instructions can be used for the other Mario Brothers, and Waluigi.

The Gloves

The gloves I used a doubled up pair of white cloth exam gloves. I cut out 2 additional 'W's from the blue felt I bought for the hat and sewed one onto each glove.

The Shoes

I bought a $20 pair of green shoes from target. Nothing special here, but they get the job done.

Next Post: Dyeing the Overalls

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