Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Grain Mill Part 5 - Nut Cracking Wheel

My vision for a grain mill that also cracks nuts didn't exactly work out the first time.  The major flaw was that putting a round nut between a driven and idle roller caused the second roller to spin backwards.  What I needed was a roller with lobes on it that would grip the nuts and force them into the other wheel instead of just slipping.

I had two options for making this;  1.  I could start with round material and mill a bunch of slots in the sides, or 2.  I could start with a rectangular piece, drill a bunch of holes in it, then cut it out with the band saw and turn it on the lathe.  I chose the second option because it sounded like more fun.

Here is the diagram of the dimensions I used.
Firstly drilling a pilot hole for the center hole.
Next, opening the hole up with a larger drill.
Then boring the hole out to 3/4".
The 3/4" matches the shaft I will be making from this scrap boring bar, which is conveniently already 3/4" and has flats milled on it.
Next, starting the hole pattern for the lobes.
Drilling the holes 7/16".
After that, the part was rotated, and I drilled and tapped set screw holes in the side.  I didn't need diagonal set screw holes this time, because it didn't seem as critical.
Now cutting the rough shape on the band saw.
Next, turning the shaft from that scrap boring bar.
The shaft inserted into the roller
I then secured the set screws, and turned the outer diameter smooth
Lastly, I milled set screw flats on the ends of this shaft.
All done, and ready to crack some nuts!

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