Thursday, January 30, 2020

Pruning the Container Vineyard | Year 6 | January 2020

Now that its winter again, the vineyard has gone dormant. This is the perfect time to prune and take some cuttings before they come back to life, so let's get busy.

Today's objectives:

1) Weed the buckets: some of the buckets have some weeds growing in them. Now is the time to remove them
2) Fertilize and top up with soil

3) Prune back the first year growth. I'm leaving a few nodes from each of those branches. This way, I'm preventing the leaf growth from consuming the entire area.
I noticed when pruning that the buds were already starting to form. I guess if I waited any longer, they would have broken. Best I got them pruned now before it was too late.

So repeat this x15 for all my vines and I was done.
I terms of propagating this year, I took home some Tempranillo cuttings, so I'll see if those grow after rooting.

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