Sunday, June 19, 2022

Screen Filter Test and Propagated Basil | Weeks 11 - 13 | NFT 72

Topics of these weeks of hydroponic gardening:
The Summer heat has killed the lettuce and Chinese cabbage
Basil Propagation has started
Interchanging ingredients for Pesto
Mesh Screen filters installed, working great
Black Widow Spider living on the garden 
The heat wave has finished off the lettuce and Chinese Cabbage. What a shame. With several basil plants in the system, I have been able to take multiple cuttings to start propagation of more plants. The first of those cuttings has grown long enough roots to be placed into the top channel. The cuttings provided me a nice amount of basil leaves, so I made some pesto with this new blender I purchased. Tasted good, even if it didn't use traditional ingredients. The biggest improvement I have made to this garden since I built it is the installment of mesh screens in the channels to filter out debris before it clogs the outlets. Since installing, I haven't had a single active channel clog!

Next Vlog Installment coming soon

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