Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Grain Mill Part 6 - Failed Roller Idea

When constructing the rollers for the grain mill, my original intent was to clad them with this stainless steel tubing because it felt more sanitary than having regular steel contacting the grain.  This didn't entirely work out for a few reasons.
Here we begin right after I had just finish turned the rollers to size.  The size was chosen for a press fit of this 2.5" diameter stainless tubing.  I began by hammering it onto the roller.

Then once it was started, I switched to the arbor press for the rest of the work.
Here is the roller with the stainless tubing pressed on.
Then turning the outer diameter of the tubing smooth.
I then went in with a knurling tool.  I decided to try a straight knurl because it looked like a good idea for a grain roller.
Unfortunately, the pressure from the knurling caused the tube piece to expand and slip off the roller.  Not wanting to weld or dowel the tubing onto the roller, I decided to abandon this idea.
Though it looks like I can keep the tube piece and use it as a nail file!
I then turned the rollers down to 2.25" and knurled them.  I decided on the regular coarse diamond pattern because the straight pattern seemed too fine for rolling grain.

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