Thursday, July 4, 2019

Moving the Garden to the other side of the yard | Garden Update Week of July 1

Welcome to summer! Some interesting changes have happened to the garden since last month, namely it is now in a new location due to some landscaping by my landlord. Now it's getting a lot of afternoon sun instead of the usual morning sun. Will my plants get cooked???

In my new spot, I'm right next to the hose, so that makes watering really easy. Plus I have a fantastic view of the valley below. Not bad.

As of now, my catnip, basil, and rosemary in particular are growing well. The mint I have has gotten a bit woody, but it still tastes good. I've started to clone more and more basil plants from my initial seedlings.

My peppers got a lot taller too, so I topped them to make them grow bushier. I've got the tops in my room in an attempt to get them to root, but so far it isn't looking promising.
My arugula has gone well to seed and the pods are developing rapidly. At least I'll be able to replenish my seed supply for growing more in the future soon. In my video next week, I'll talk more about why Arugula was a mistake to grow during summer in my climate.
After seeing my original sunflowers die after I went on vacation last month, my new crop has germinated and is growing strong! As I will be participating in the YouTuber #sunflowerchallenge2019, I will be making a few videos about growing these soon. But you can see how well the original sunflowers were doing before they died in this video.
Now for the tomatoes and grapes which have a little dedicated area just below my PVC shelf unit. I've actually got a tomato forming on one of the vines! More to come in the next few weeks too.
As for the grapes, my Zweigelt somehow is growing a great little cluster. I'll need to protect this one from the birds too as a bunch of pigeons fly around my backyard. To read more on how these were potted, click here.
So far so good, even with this relocation. Although I'm a little worried as to what may happen when the landscaping starts to get into full swing. Until next time, keep on growing friends.

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