Monday, July 1, 2019

Golden Beet Wine Taste Test

After spending two weeks sitting in my bathtub and with no more noticable airlock activity, it came time to process this golden beet wine forward. The beets have been suspended in solution of wine, so my first step is to get the liquid decanted from the "fruit".

How am I doing that? By auto siphoning into a bucket lined with a strainer. In case any pulp manages to escape my fermenter.
I didn't take a gravity reading of this wine before I started fermenting, but I'm taking one now to see how dry this wine became.

Less than 1.000. This wine is super dry. Depending on how it tastes I may have to back sweeten.
Now that all the pulp has been separated from the wine, I can bottle this out. But first, let's have a taste test. You can see how I liked it by watching this video:
So there you have it. Looks like I need to either backsweeten this wine or let it age a little while. With that all out of the way, cleaning this fermenter filled with pulp is going to be a chore....

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