Sunday, May 19, 2019

This Grapevine is growing out of control! May 2019 Vineyard Progress Year 5

Watch the video above to see how my vineyard is currently doing.
As of now, I'm seeing a good amount of flowering clusters on all the grapes, but one vine in particular stands out.
This is my oldest vine, Symphony. I have never seen any of my vines produce this many clusters and at this size. Wow!
Symphony, being my premier sweet white grape, could blend pretty well with the Chardonnay, as that plant is throwing a nice amount of grape clusters. This year's estate blend might just be white wine.
Finally for some more updates on the propagated cuttings, here's how the cuttings my buddy has are looking now. Finally seeing some growth! There are a few others showing promise to burst open and grow, but it's bizarre that they are taking this long to grow.
I mentioned last week in my garden update that I split up my cuttings into individual containers, which you can read about here.

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