Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Progress is being made | Container Garden Update Week Ending May 11

After the first week of planting, let's see the progress in the garden. There was not too much going on, so there won't be a garden update video this week. Please let me know if you like seeing my garden updates in video format. You can watch last week's video by clicking this link.

The Radishes and Arugula I sowed in my big blue bin germinated! I'll take any germination as a victory.

The Maglia Rosa Tomatoes and Basil I planted have grown bigger. I think I'll be able to start putting these plants outside at the end of the next week as I have been hardening them off by placing them outside during the day.
Since my grapevine cuttings have started growing bigger, I split up the cuttings so now they are all in individual containers. Better to split them up now before they got rootbound. To read more about propagating grapevines from cuttings, follow this link.
Finally, I did end up buying some more of those peat pellets, and I ended up sowing a bunch of new seeds. I didn't really label any of these in the container itself, but I put together an image of the different seeds I did plant. Fresno and Anahiem Peppers, True Siberian Kale, Lavender, San Marzano Tomatoes, and Red Salad Bowl lettuce were some of the varieties I sowed. I think the secret here is the above average soil quality combined with the humidity artificially created.
The forecast next week does say we will get some rain, so I need to get creative with my nursery trays so they don't take on too much water.

It's good to see things progressing. More interesting updates to come in the future!

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