Thursday, February 13, 2020

Transplanting Avocado Trees

Today, we are going to be transplanting my buddy's two biggest avocado trees from these pots into a more permanent location in the ground.

Here is today's agenda:
We are going to be transplanting two avocado trees into the yard by an irrigation line.
First, we need to dig some holes. There is some irrigation fabric here which needs to be cut, but that's simple with some snips. Now to digging. Break out those picks and shovels!
Before we put the trees in the ground, we put down a layer of gravel for drainage.
And now it is time to plant the trees!

After placing the first in the hole, we added more soil around the tree. Finally, to keep the tree upright, we staked the tree.
So here is tree two, and you may have noticed that this one has yellow leaves. Usually this is a sign of malnourishment. Well, when we unpotted this tree, we noticed ants had taken over the pot! I decided that sprinkling some cinnamon over the tree roots was a good idea to get them to leave after transplanting them in. You may recall I used cinnamon to get ants to leave my sunflower container last year.

With the second tree in the ground, we filled that hole in with dirt and staked it. Job all done! Now we will wait and see if these trees produce some avocados in the future....

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