Sunday, June 30, 2019

YouTube Recap | Videos from June 2019

In case you are not subscribed to our YouTube Channel or you missed one, here are the videos we released in the month of June! In total, a total of 7 vids were released. This month having some excellent machining videos! More videos are coming, so don't forget to subscribe!

Making Wine from Golden Beets
"I wanted to see how wine from beets would taste so I decided to make some." -- Vinny

Building a Permanent "Diecasting" Molding Press | Spareroom Competition Entry 2019
Diecaster D. shows off his entry to Emma's Spareroom Toolmaking Competition 2019. To enhance the soap dish mold, he designed and built a molding press to help eject the cast dishes from the mold. See how it works in the video, or see how the soap dish was made here. You can also see his entry to the competition last year by following this link.

The First Harvest | Week of June 9, 2019 Garden Update
"My first harvest, I yank a radish from the ground. About time this garden produces something!" -- Vinny

Which Grape Varietals Grow Best in your Area?
"This video was fun to make. I got to drink wine and pronounce words in Italian." -- Vinny

Container Vineyard Update June 2019
"My prediction from last month about which vine will produce the most grapes is looking more and more true." -- Vinny

I Made a Notebook out of a Trash Can
Diecaster D. goes over a few of his projects he made recently. Namely a recycled notebook, part of his molding press, and a cargo box for his bike.

Greens and Machines Channel Trailer
We finally have a channel trailer after I threw together some of the clips from our videos in the past year(s). Can you identify all the projects from this trailer?

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest Greens and Machines motion pictures! You can expect to see a few more machining videos, along with some cooking videos coming in July!

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