Wednesday, July 31, 2019

YouTube Recap | Videos from July 2019

In case you are not subscribed to our YouTube Channel or you missed one, here are the videos we released in the month of July! In total, a total of 7 vids were released. This month had some excellent metalworking and gardening videos! More videos are coming, so don't forget to subscribe!

I Made Wine from Golden Beets. Here's how it Tastes
"Did I end up liking this wine after making it?" -- Vinny

Best Vegetables and Herbs for Container Gardening in Extreme Summer Heat
"I live in a hot climate, so I wanted to share what grows best in my area. Another instance of turning a good article into a video." -- Vinny

Diecaster D. Attends the Bar-Z Summer Bash 2019 | Bicycle Quest
The *Big Game* for machinists! Diecaster D. vlogs his journey to Rancho Cucamonga to attend the Bar-Z Industrial Summer Bash. Did he win any prizes this year? You can watch his journey from 2017 here.

Growing Sunflowers in my Container Garden? | #sunflowerchallenge2019
"I had all my seeds saved from last year's sunflower harvest. I had to jump in on this challenge! I made some space in my container garden to plant my sunflowers." -- Vinny

First Attempted Production Run w/ The Molding Press | Casting Soap Dishes with The Foundry
Diecaster D. fires up the foundry to cast some soap dishes using his new built molding press. How many was he able to cast?

Something attacked my Grapevines | July Garden Update
"Not sure what attacked my grapes that week, but they look better now than before which is surprising." -- Vinny

Birdproofing my Vineyard | Container Vineyard Update July 2019
"Finally a vineyard update. I put in place one of the lessons I learned last year to stop the birds from eating my grapes." -- Vinny

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest Greens and Machines motion pictures! You can expect to see some cooking videos coming in August!

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