Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vineyard Additions for 2017 | Year 3

Continuing my annual tradition, this year I acquired some new grapevines from Picnic Day.

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As my current vines have started getting a lot bigger, I've had to space them out to prevent them from shading each other out. I couldn't move my Syrah vine though as it has rooted in the ground. As my #1 producer so far, I think I'll wait until dormancy before upsetting its foundation.

My new vines for 2017 are mostly Spanish varieties. Three new vines have been added: Palomino, Grenache Noir, and Zinfandel. That brings my total count of grapevines up to 12, with all but 2 being unique (I now have 2 Zinfandel vines).

See vineyard additions from other years: 2014 -- 2015 -- 2016 -- 2017 -- 2018 -- 2019

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