Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bicycle Trailer ep. 6 - Deck

For the deck, I cut some pieces of wood. Initially, I used carriage bolts to attach it, but decided I was going to add a cargo bay below it, so the deck should be readily removable.
First, I took some 1/4" bolts and welded them from underneath through the holes.

Then using wingnuts to attach the deck on top.
I figured I should cut off the excess bolt length so the wingnuts wouldn't take so long to unscrew.
Cracking those small grinding wheels is far too easy... I guess I could've always used a hacksaw.
It proved very difficult to grind through the bolts all the way, so I used a hammer to knock off the excess length once sufficiently through. Then filing the cut off ends, and rethreading them with a die so there would be no burrs in the way of the wingnut threading on.

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