Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bicycle Trailer ep. 7 - Bathtub

Now that the trailer is in working condition, the first assignment was to get the rest of the metal to complete it. Conveniently, the metal store had the exact size piece of aluminum I was looking for to make the cargo bay.
piece of sheet metal attached to the trailer
Using aviation snips to cut the pattern.
sheet metal pattern before bending

I had to improvise when bending this thing since I don't have any formal fabrication tools, so I clamped a piece of angle iron along the bend line.
renegade bending tactics
Then some vise grips to start the bend.
bending sheet metal
Some hammering with a mallet.
hammering sheet metal
More hammering on the next side.
bending the cargo bay shape
Bent to the final shape.
cargo bay shaped
Positioning the cargo bay onto the trailer.
cargo bay placed on trailer frame
Riveting the corners of the cargo bay together.
riveting cargo bay corners
Drilling the rivet holes in the trailer frame.
drilling rivet holes in trailer frame
Transferring the rivet hole locations onto the sheet metal.
transferring rivet locations to sheetmetal
Punching the holes.
punching rivet holes
Pop riveting the cargo bay on the frame.
riveting cargo bay onto trailer frame
For the finishing touch, some pegboard bolted to the bottom for extra support with eyelet screws.
adding pegboard onto cargo bay
I secured it with acorn nuts on the bottom to prevent cutting people or things by mistake.
acorn nut
The completed cargo bay.
bicycle trailer with completed cargo bay
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