Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bicycle Trailer ep. 5 - Wheel Protectors & Hooks

At this point of the trailer progress, the concern was how the cargo would fit onto the trailer, and how to prevent it from hitting the wheels while they're spinning. I decided to make some sort of fenders/ wheel protectors which also served as rails for attaching bungee cords on.
First, I took some small pieces of bed frame angle iron, and welded a square. The square contains both fenders since I figured it would be easier to weld before cutting the pieces.
bed frame square welded
In order for these to fit properly on the trailer frame, I would have to smooth out the welds from before. First trying a small grinding wheel, but later deciding a file was faster since I don't have an angle grinder.
grinding down excess weld material

Positioning the fender after cutting the square in half to get correct height.
positioning fender height
For additional strapping capability, I made some hooks to go on either side from some 5/16" rod. Probably shouldn't be putting my hand there while doing the bending!
bending hook
The finished hooks.
completed hooks
Preparing the weld the parts. Using a square to get proper alignment after the tack welds were placed.
welding fender
The hooks clamped.
hook clamped
And welded.
hook welded
All assembled. At this point, I could actually start hauling stuff, but clearly this thing needs a deck!
bicycle trailer with fender wheel protectors and hooks welded
Some closeups of the best looking welds. I think I'm getting good at this!
sexy welds
more sexy welds

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