Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vineyard Expansion & Maintenance 2016 | Year 2

Let's get these babies home!
Continuing the (now) annual tradition, I have acquired 4 new grapevines from Picnic Day. This year I managed to snag a white variety to balance out the large number of red grape varieties I acquired previously.

Time to plant my new vines
This year I picked up one white and three reds. My lone white varietal this year was Chardonnay. It should blend well with the Symphony vine I acqured two years ago when it can start producing.

For reds this year I acquired a Pinot Noir, a Tempranillo, and a Zinfandel. I've wanted to grow Zinfandel for a long time, and now I can finally start.

I did this.
Using the same container gardening technique as last year, the vines were transplanted into containers with more than adequate drainage. I didn't have many sticks lying around, so I decided to use up some of my tomato cages to support the new vines. I'm counting on these cages to hold strong....

...mostly because I bought some more to trellis up the older vines. I came outside one day to see my Symphony vine lying over in a position that it should not have been in. So that pot got a tomato cage for support. To prevent the other vines from experiencing the same fate, more cages were acquired and inserted around the 1 year old vines.
Before installing the cages
The way I see these things growing now is up and around the support of the tomato cage. The vines might start growing ontop of each other. This is something I'll need to monitor.
After installing the cages
As for the remainder of the garden, I've spaced the new vines away from the older ones to ensure optimal sunlight. Nothing wrong with giving the plants some space!
The whole garden as of today!
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