Monday, April 4, 2016

Cutting Board Vegan Upgrade

I found this cutting board for free and was like, "what's the spikes and the drainage gullets for? Get that out of here I'm trying to cut an onion". So obviously, this was designed for butchering animal parts, the spikes to anchor them so they don't slide around, and the gullets for not getting blood on your counter top. I figured I'm not really into animal sacrifices these days, so I decided to bring it into the 21st century with a vegan upgrade.
free cutting board with spikes

Firstly, taking out the spikes with a vise grip, they weren't held in very tightly or deeply which is good news for when I face off the board. They weren't even stainless steel, just aluminum, so I wouldn't consider using them for archery.
removing spikes from cutting board
I set it up in the mill by clamping it to the vise support and used some milling cutter to face off the top thickness.
facing the top surface of the cutting board
I had to rotate my setup a few times due to the limited table travel of my machine, but I was able to reach all the corners.
more facing the cutting board
The previous cutter didn't reach all the way to the middle, so I used a dovetail cutter since it has a bigger diameter.
facing the cutting board with a dovetail cutter
Got it clean! I like that wood is so easy to cut, that I can use any of my cutters, even the duller ones. I noticed the depth of cut was just shy of the deepest parts of the holes and gullet around the edge (bottom right in pic). I didn't want to go through the trouble of facing the whole thing again, so I just left it.
the cutting board surface finished
Then, using an orbital sander to smooth it out. Remember, Never Ever Black and Decker.
sanding cutting board with orbital sander
For conditioning, I've been told to use mineral oil since it doesn't rot, but I've used vegetable oil before with success. I just applied some canola oil with a paper towel.
conditioning cutting board with canola oil

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