Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Upstairs Garden reorganization Fall 2013

Since it was getting harder to water the plants on my stack system, I decided to do some renovation to the left side of the upstairs balcony. I removed the cardboard box (which had rotted away) and slid the subirrigrated planter over to fill the gap. Luckily, the box fits perfectly in its new location. Now I no longer have to reach over so many plants to water those further away from my door.

Newly reorganized
Closer up
Since they are not producing at the moment, I moved my strawberry plants downstairs. I'm hoping that the runners successfully root.

The cabbage is massive now and looks to be forming a head soon.

Cabbage on October 2
My chard continue to produce plenty of leaves.
Late night Chard harvest
I also harvested my only lettuce from the summer; a variety called Nevada, so named because it resists hot temperatures like those in the state. I left the base for it to regrow (and it looks like it has started to)
It was pretty bitter to be honest

Cut and come again
I planted some spinach seeds and transplanted in some kale. I don't think my container is big enough for kale, but I can always transplant it further down.
I haven't grown this yet
I now wait to see how well and how many more cherry tomatoes I will get from the garden. In the last 2 weeks, I have been able to harvest nearly a whole pound of tomatoes. At least 1/2 lb came from the week I went on vacation.
How would you like your tomatoes served?
Once the tomatoes die off, I will replace them with a variety of winter crops; potentially cabbage, peas, bok choy, spinach, or Swiss Chard.

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