Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Downstairs Fall planting

My tomato plants in the Kratky system have lived out their lives. It is time for me to plant some fall season plants. I will be trying Bok Choy/Cabbage in one bin and lettuce in the other bin.

Original setup before cleaning
Pastry box + egg cartons = seed starting tray
The seed starting box was simple to make. I took a pastry container from the local grocery (upcycling has never been so fun) and put some paper egg cartons in it. I poked holes in the bottom of each carton and filled each with a little soil. I added seeds and watered the bottom of the tray. The paper cartons absorb water so I had little to worry about moisture. Covering the tray with the plastic top helped to retain moisture for the seedlings.
6 days later
Once the seedlings were big enough (read as: after I got back from vacation/bin was filled with water), I started transplanting in. I started with the cabbage bin. The lettuce bin followed a few days after.

Cabbage + Bok Choy in here
All different varieties of lettuce in here
Soon the corn will be replaced with other winter vegetables. For now, I have gotten a total of one ear of corn. I think lack of sunlight and pollen is to blame for my crop's poor performance.
My only ear of corn
A testimony to no sun and no pollen
At least the roots on my corn look good.
Mostly white: water consumption picked up once they started "producing"
Once the corn dies off, I will be replacing them with greens, most likely lettuce.

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