Monday, November 25, 2013

Deep Water Culture system (DWC) Growth Updates 2013

I will be posting photos of the observed growth from the DWC system I built back home. The most recent photos will be at the top of the page. Currently in the system are Napa cabbage and red lettuce. As the Napa cabbages are being harvested, they are being replaced with broccoli and other cabbages.

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December 5
This week's view of the system looks nearly the same as last week. The cold weather might be inhibiting growth.
I'm a week late on the November 28 photo
As can be seen in the back, broccoli and cabbage starts have been added to the left bin. They might be a bit too close to each other at the moment. Once the Napa cabbage is done growing, I'll suggest that they be spread out and those plants are known to grow large.
November 25. Two more Napa Cabbages harvested.
November 18. An experimental broccoli plant was placed in the cabbage bin, replacing harvested cabbage
November 10; first cabbage harvested
November 5
October 29
October 24
The zoomed shot this week makes the lettuce and cabbage look significantly bigger than last week; don't let the camera work deceive you. I was told that some lettuce leaves have been harvested. Also, it looks like the lettuce has begun to get tip burn -- probably from too much fertilizer.
October 15

Napa Cabbage roots Oct 15
The root systems on these bad boys look the way they should. I don't know if the lighting is off or not, but the brownish root color is a bit disturbing to me. Regardless, the plants are growing really fast.
Lettuce Roots Oct 15
October 8
The Napa cabbages look to be crowding each other out. I hope that won't be a problem if they get larger. The lettuce look a lot bigger and more colorful after 5 days.
October 3
I can't tell whether the lettuce or the cabbages are growing faster.
September 27
10 days later and the plants look much healthier. The aeration is the cause of the rapid growth.
September 17
These were store bought plant starts. Transplanting these into the system required washing away the soil on the roots and surrounding them with pea gravel.
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