Monday, November 25, 2013

I watch my plants grow at night -- Garden Update 11/25

I've neglected posting some plant photos, so I took some of the downstairs garden. It turns out my camera can do some decent night shots using the flash (and a flashlight to aid). I don't have any upstairs photos this week as my camera's battery refuses to charge (I'm literally walking around with an extension cord when I use it). I ordered a replacement already so normal photo taking can resume shortly.

Lettuce in DWC nighttime
Lettuce at night
Bok Choy DWC nighttime
Bok Choy/Cabbage at night
I contemplate turning off the aeration at night, especially during this cold season. Since the water is colder, gas is more soluble in it. I might try an experiment to see whether turning the air off at night works better or worse. Of course, I only have this problem because I'm not artificially manipulating the water temperature.
Bok Choy DWC nighttime 2
The other bok choy bin at night
Lettuce on railing
Smaller soil based lettuce at night (that red really stands out)
For some reason, the red lettuce hasn't done too well in any conditions. It doesn't want to get big like the green leaf lettuce does. It's either the seeds or the conditions. Maybe there is a way I can manipulate the redness of the plant leaves.
Lettuce and strawberry on railing
Strawberry and other lettuce at night
Largest Bok Choy in DWC
Bonus shot of the largest Bok Choy (at night)
The vacant spot on the one planter was there because I had harvested the plant a few days ago. If you see a seed stalk emerging from the center of the bok choy plant, it's time to harvest.

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