Thursday, May 9, 2013

I accidentally killed my cucumber plant -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 5

Another week has passed, the last week being significantly cooler than the previous week. We got a little rain too. Production has picked up in the garden. Several more female cucumber flowers have emerged and a few have been pollinated. Additionally, pea and bean flowers have emerged and a few pods have begun to form.


Right side balcony garden
Left side balcony garden

The pole beans have begun to climb the trellis I made them. The zucchini is beginning to grow flower buds.

3 Sisters Container Garden
May 9
More greenery has sprung up in the middle bin since the past week. A few of the bean plants in the middle bin are beginning to grow flowers. Should be getting some green beans soon.

Container Garden Beans
May 9
The peas and the beans in bin 3 are producing flowers and pods. The recent cold snap must have helped out the peas.
Beans and Peas container
May 9
I may have accidentally caused my cucumber plant in the hydroponic solution to wilt. I hope it recovers, otherwise it might be infected with a bacterial infection. Then I'll have to destroy the plant, which I'd rather not do, since it is producing cucumbers. The cucumbers in soil have grown to a respectable miniature size, despite being about 8 inches tall. One is producing female flowers too.
Left side balcony garden closeup
Cucumbers + other plants
Cucumber on the vine
Mini-cucumber growing on the vine
I'm waiting for the day that the cherry tomatoes begin to bloom. They have grown lots of foliage. I also moved some Fresno Chili peppers that germinated outside.

Cherry Tomato Plants
Cherry Tomatoes
I'm surprised that the zucchini plant I moved into the drawer is thriving. I'm not sure how well it will produce in it, or if it will produce at all. The cucumbers in the white trash barrel are looking bigger, and the lettuce has given me two good harvests since last update.
Desk Drawers + Cut and Come again lettuce
Desk Drawers


All the plants downstairs are growing well. The peppers are slowly growing; they have more root growth than leaf growth at the moment. The cucumbers are starting to form fruit and the eggplant is also creating flower buds. The romaine lettuce still in the pepper bin is much bigger than before.
Kratky Garden overview
Kratky Peppers
Kratky Cucumbers
Eggplant and Tomato Kratky
Tomatoes + Eggplant
Eggplant flower bud
Eggplant flower bud

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