Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hard Apple Cider Batch #2

Due to popular demand (and tastiness), I have decided to make another batch of hard apple cider. I'm using the same recipe as before, except this time I am using 4.5 gallons of juice instead of 4. This will lower the starting gravity slightly, but I doubt it will have too much impact on the flavor. The flavor of the other batch was extremely strong, so I'm not worried. I did have to find a new place to put my fermenter, as I don't think the table in my closet cannot support the weight of two filled buckets (about 80 lbs).
Yeast ready to pitch
Saccharmomyces cerevisiae. The yeast
The starting gravity of this batch was 1.085, which is .005 lower than the previous batch. If it ferments down to the same gravity as my first batch, the ABV will be 10%, which is perfectly fine. Regardless of it fitting perfectly, I just hope that placing the fermenter under my sink was my best option....

Yeast pitched into cider
Pitched yeast cells
Fermenter under sink
No one needs to know there is a fermentation occurring under my sink....
In about 2-3 weeks, fermentation should be done. Then I'll transfer it to secondary fermentation for another week. It should finish around the same time the beer does, so I'll have plenty of alcohol to last me for the summer.

UPDATE 5/24/13:
I took a gravity reading of the batch and it was down to 0.995, meaning 12% ABV. So I racked it and sampled some. It did not taste too good at all. I think it's going to need a few weeks to age (or some priming sugar, no carbonation whatsoever).

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