Friday, May 10, 2013

Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Plant

For the time period I grew this plant during, it survived the heat well. The heat burned away some of the bottom leaves, turning them brownish yellow. I didn't get a great harvest though. This variety is tasty and is worth growing when your area does not get freakish heat waves in the middle of March. The edible pods are very sweet. I would recommend growing this variety to shelling peas.

Annual or Perennial?: Annual
Germination time: 7- 14 days
Days until maturity: 60 days
Light requirements: Partial Shade - Full sun (4-6+ hrs)
Plant size: Small
Spacing: 3 inches
Temperature: Cool - Mild
Difficulty: Easy
Traits: Hosts nitrogen fixing bacteria in roots.
Companion plants: 
Special needs: Use a trellis to help plants grow taller.

When to plant: Plant in early spring in cooler climates, or fall in warm climates.

How to grow: Plant seeds in soil. Place trellis 2 inches away from seeds. Water often.

How to harvest: Pick pods once they are large enough, but before the peas swell. The flowers are self-pollinating and the pods are edible.

Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea seeds
Seeds (some can be darker than this)
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea seedling
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea 2 weeks
2 weeks
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea 5 weeks
5-6 weeks
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea flower
Bloom (purple flowers)
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Pods
Harvested Pod

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