Thursday, April 25, 2013

The cloud fortress

The fortress is a project I started when I had a bunch of metal and wood sitting around from destroying a bed frame and box spring.  The need to find a place for these things was satisfied by a need for a workstation to do drafting, homework, computing, waffle making, etc.  Thus the fortress was created.  Essentially, It's an 8 square foot room within my room.

The frame is constructed of angle iron (steel), wood, and aluminum from crutches. 
All of these are bolted together and clad with cardboard of which I have an unlimited supply at my disposal.

The door of the fortress is a white sheet found on the side of the road.  Once it was all put together, it needed some decoration.  I decided to go with clouds because when I look over the horizon some mornings, there is a big layer of clouds and envision there must be a fortress up there.  Thus the pattern was taken from the actual cloud fortress and replicated with watercolor paint upon recycled paper hot glued to the walls.
For the front wall, I took a silhouette of the cloud fortress and spray painted it using a stencil I cut.
The inside was painted with a sunrise over the mountains, like a Spyro 3 loading screen.  The paper used for the wall is mostly recycled school work, anything that wasn't printed on both sides. 


The original photo was taken one morning looking over the Saddleback mountains
In the middle of a waffle baking session


The cloud fortress features 1/2 of a modified desk which was the polymerization of a desk and a drawer unit.  The desk was modified to allow leg room when sitting in the fortress.  The chair, which was trash picked, (and needs to be re welded soon) provides seat to do work in comfort and style.  All of the drafting supplies are readily accessible on the ledge.  The fortress also features a built in pencil sharpener to ensure maximum productivity.
In addition to the window, light can be sourced from a 15W fish tank light from above.  Also above are 2 electrical outlets for convenient use of electronics with non grounded plugs.
The fortress in its early stages
Now I can pretend I'm Azeem in Auto Pilot. Not to mention, this was partially inspired by the video.

Overall Expenses:

watercolor paint - $3
some bolts - ~$2

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