Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to make an Upside down tomato planter using a 2 Liter bottle

I was given some free tomato plants at a local event. Since I have no space left on the balcony, I decided to make upside down planters for them. They are similar to the strawberry planters, if not easier to create. I have made some changes to the strawberry planter design in order to make the planter "better".


A 2 Liter plastic bottle (or similar sized beverage container)
Soil to fill the bottle
A black trash bag
A plant (Tomato, pepper, basil, etc)
Duct Tape
String or Twine
Paper clips or Hiking clip
Single hole punch (helpful, but not required)


1. Start by removing the label on your bottle.
I used a 2.5 Liter bottle for this one
2. Remove the cap. Cut off the bottom part of the bottle with your knife. Depending on the bottle you use, it can be marked in the plastic for an easier cut.

Ignore the stains on the carpet
3. Take the bottom section and make several holes in it. Set this aside for later. 
This will be for moisture control
How this part will eventually fit
4. Take your duct tape and spread it along the lip of the bottom of the bottle. Fold and seal it. This step gives more support to the hanging support.
Be careful with the tape
Try to minimize wrinkles here.
5. Use your hole-puncher or knife to make 4 holes in the taped area. Make sure the holes are symmetric.

6. Take the black trash bag and stuff one of the corners down the bottle. Expand the bag so it fits the bottle and cut away excess from the top and a hole in the corner through the bottom. The trash bag is used to stop light from hitting the roots, which can damage them. It also controls algae growth and help retains moisture.

Stuff it good
Close enough
7. Take the twine or string, cut 2 lengths 2-3 feet in length. Thread it though opposite holes, doubling up the string.
Threading the needle
How it should look when done correctly
8. Take the hiking clip or paper clips (about 3-4) and attach to the strings at the top, making sure all are threaded.
Paper clips here
9. Almost done, take your plant and slowly run its stem through the opening in the bottle (the cap end). It might be helpful to partially remove the trash bag before inserting the plant.
This wasn't as effective as...
...doing it like this
Pull trash bag back over the lip
10. Gently add soil to the planter. Fill the container about 90% full. Once filled, take the cutoff bottom and place it on the top of the planter in position. (if you are planting a tomato, it is ok to bury some of the stem. Roots will grow from buried portions.)
Fully assembled
11. Hang the planter from a balcony, a hook, etc. Water the plant.

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