Thursday, April 25, 2013

Temperature Rising -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 3

I don't even think I should call it spring anymore, the weather has been above 80 degrees F the entire week.


Left side balcony garden
Right side balcony garden

The corn, beans and zucchini are all looking bigger. I'm expecting the beans to start growing all over the place soon.

3 Sisters Container Garden
3 Sisters April 25
 My replanted bean seeds have germinated and are filling the previous void in the middle bin nicely. I planted some corn seeds on the sides to test a more compact version of 3 sisters.

Container Garden Beans
Middle Bin April 25
 The peas and beans bin has more growth; the peas are doing great despite the weather.

Beans and Peas container
Pea trellis bin April 25
 To the left side of the balcony, the cucumber plant in the hydroponic solution has grown many flower buds and is even beginning to flower! However, no male flowers have opened yet, so once one does, I will be hand pollinating any females that have opened. The Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes continue to grow well. I lined some of my pots with black plastic to see if it would make a difference.
Kratky Cucumber and other plants
Cucumber + other plants
Cucumber flower
Cucumber flower (notice the mini cucumbers on the stem)

Cherry Tomatoes and Lettuce
Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, other cucumber plants.
 In my desk drawers, the zucchini I threw in there last week has recovered and several beans and radishes have germinated. I harvest the lettuce bin for mini lettuce leaves at least twice a week.
Desk drawer and cut and come again lettuce
Lettuce bin, desk drawers, other cucumber plants.


I am impressed with the growth in the cucumber bin from the previous week. I had to "stake the cucumbers already (the sticks) as one grew a tendril already. The largest plant has gigantic leaves. My lettuce bin has been suffering; despite more growth, the heat causes it to wilt during the day. I will most likely be replacing most of the lettuce plants in there with either peppers, eggplant, or more cucumbers within the week.

Kratky Garden overview

Wilting kratky lettuce
The poor lettuce

Hydroponic Kratky Cucumbers
Gigantic cucumber growth

Eggplant and Tomato hydroponics
Eggplant, tomatoes, and chard looking better.
I post the photos in the same order every week, so open up the previous updates in different tabs or separate windows to see the weekly growth and progress.

Last week's update
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