Sunday, September 4, 2022

From the Foundry: Cast Aluminum Pelican Beverage Coaster | New Etsy Listing

Hot off the Greens and Machines foundry are these stylish beverage coasters.

The pelican design came from a video I shot of a flock of pelicans flying over Lake Winnebago.

From this, the still image was converted into a silhouette, and machined into a mold. Scrap aluminum was melted and poured into this mold to create the coaster. The coasters were then machined and polished to finish. The "Making Of" these coasters videos is in development and will be released soon!

**As this is a cast aluminum item, there exists some level of casting imperfection in each coaster**

These coasters are made from scrap aluminum, and measure a diameter of 3". Each coaster weighs approximately 2.5 oz. The bottom of each coaster is machined and polished.

These fit drinking glasses or tumblers of 3" diameter with a slightly beveled bottom perfectly. Using a smaller glass could be a problem as the pelican shape is raised; the glass can be wobble.

For other uses, these are pretty neat coins; you can be one of the few people who owns a pelican coin like this one. These are being made on a limited production run.

If this item sells well, there are plans to add more designs (more birds) to complete a themed coaster set.

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