Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The First Sunflower Blooms | #sunflowerchallenge2019

The first of the 4 sunflowers I've got growing for #sunflowerchallenge2019 has bloomed! This is a variety called Mammoth Russian, but being confined to a container garden, they are not quite that size.

Here in this photo you can see how it looked just 10 hours prior to opening up. Amazing how fast they can go from not blooming to full bloom.
Of course, I had to take a sunflower selfie. These aren't as crazy as last year's sunflowers, but you have to appreciate growing them wherever you can.
Official measurements on this flower: 22.5 inches tall with a 1 inch diameter head. Not my biggest, but certainly looks pretty. It should produce enough seeds to resow the following year. The biggest sunflower is currently just above 3 feet tall with a 2 inch diameter head. It should be blooming later this week. More pics and measurements to follow!

For more backstory on how I got here, watch the following videos:

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