Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Gardener IRL reacts to Old School RuneScape Farming

If you haven't noticed from some of our blog posts and design inspirations, we played a lot of RuneScape in the past. Back in 2005 when we first played, Jagex revealed the farming skill. At first I was a bit put aback by it because who on earth would want to grow virtual vegetables when you can do it outside. Well, the skill was fairly popular, a little addicting, and a good moneymaker in RuneScape itself. And eventually after that, Farmville and Farming Simulator were created and released so that answers my question regarding the genre.

Here are the main points of the video:

In RuneScape you grow in allotment plots, which is a cultural thing for the UK
Due to game engine space requirements, everyone plants on the same plot
Most allotment crops are represented well
Exceptions are Strawberries, Sweetcorn, and Cabbages
Flower Patch is represented correctly
Fruit trees (except pineapple) are represented well
Pineapples don't grow on trees

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