Monday, February 25, 2019

Building The Desk For The Computer Lab

To make the desk going underneath the loft bed, I began with some scrap wood.
First drilling some holes to clear the screws.  I gave the old hand drill a chance to avoid bothering my roommates with noise.  This worked fine until I had to drill the screw pilot holes with the very small drill where I ended up breaking the bit since I couldn't spin it fast enough and hold it straight.  I guess that's what I get for "trying to help".  The center drill in the plastic collet was used for countersinking the holes.

The DeWalt pistol saves the day.  Assembling the first half of the desk.

The second half complete and attaching them together.
Lastly the rear pieces.  In retrospect it would've been stronger if I added some diagonal members, but I don't expect this desk to be subjected to much tangential load.
The dimensions of the desk base were chosen to match this piece of countertop tile I rescued from a dumpster years ago.
As a side note, I've been dragging this piece of countertop around through the last 2 places I lived at.  It just makes such a great flat working surface!  Though I will say the 2019 edition looks the best having its own dedicated base.
Squashy Grapefruit agrees that this desk is a wonderful addition to the computer lab.  Stay tuned for the completion of the workstation with custom lighting and curtains!

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