Friday, February 22, 2019

Giving up on the Kegs for now | Bottling the Rye Stout from the Keg

After accumulating enough beer bottles, I decided to bottle out the Rye Stout from the second keg.

From my experience cleaning the kegs before filling them up, I learned that it is very easy to get a siphon loop going using the diptube and fittings. It would be like dispensing out of a keg normally, but in my case, I do not have a pressurized CO2 tank behind it.
This method made my life a little easier, as I did not need to siphon all the beer to a bottling bucket, saving me the sanitation time and effort. Plus my fitting had a dispensing valve on it too, so I could control the flow at will.
So after adding the priming sugar, I got the flow of beer going. It was very slow. But it did flow.
The dip tube worked out great, it drained the whole keg without me having to tip it.
In total 32 bottles were filled, including a 750 ml bottle, several swig top bottles, and two half gallon growlers. Not bad.
So this keg turned out good, but the other keg definitely caught an infection of sorts, so I'm going to have to toss that beer. RIP.
For what I've got packaged though, it tastes awesome. Cheers!

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