Saturday, February 2, 2019

19" Equipment Rack

Welcome back to Wooden February!!!!
*Wooden February is a trademark of MJTV
After a manic shopping spree, I finally had enough studio equipment to need another 19" rack.  I decided to build one from scratch using some reclaimed pine wood.
E-Mu morpheus and mo'phatt
Starting by cutting the wood pieces on the table saw.

Then drilling appropriate the screw holes using a combination drill-countersink.
For the rack rails, I had these 2 rusty ones sitting around from a motor mount I disassembled, but they were in such bent shape, that it didn't feel worthwhile trying to make them work.  Plus, drilling and tapping all those #10-32 holes would've taken a long time.  I decided to pay out of pocket for some actual rack rails from the local electronics store instead.
While putting it all together I noticed I'd made the enclosure about 3/8" too wide.  GENERAL! YOU HAVE MISCALCULATED!!!!!
No problem, just take it all apart again and slice off the extra length on the top and bottom pieces.  Better too much material than too little.
Reassembling with proper length.  Using the wood rasp to clean up any sharp edges.
Then after using some wood stain to refinish the top so the color matched.  All done!

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