Thursday, January 6, 2022

Announcing the Newest Affiliated YouTube Channel - Food and Recipe videos on GMFV

Happy New Year to all Greens and Machines fans! Hope you have as many ambitious plans for 2022 as we do!

This post is an announcement that I have started a new YouTube channel, which will be dedicated to food and recipe videos. As part of the process of bringing it up to speed, I have started to re-render certain videos in the back-catalogue of Greens and Machines to include this channel's new watermark, so they may be reuploaded to this channel. There may be some service disruption while viewing certain video recipes if they have been uploaded on the main channel, but this transition should go over smoothly once the videos are made public on the new channel. For those who browse the website, no need to worry about the recipes moving, they will maintain the current urls.

For the time being, if you have been a fan of the website, and especially the cooking/baking videos, be sure to subscribe to GMFV - Greens and Machines Food Videos. Aside from containing the past videos, all new food and recipe videos will be uploaded to this new channel. These may include videos in the form of the popular 1 minute recipe videos, long form step-by-step cooking videos, or even a livestream from my kitchen with a featured guest! Hope to see you there!

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