Tuesday, July 3, 2018

DWC Growth Log -- Week of 6/30

For the week of June 30 (Week 7), some photos were missed for the beginning of the week.

July 2
Swiss Chard, lettuce, basil, and some branches of Bok Choy were snipped from the system on the second and the third. More harvests are expected throughout the week.
July 3 Before harvest
July 3 Harvest
July 3 Post harvest
July 3 Looking at the roots
July 4
Now that the lettuce have been harvested a few times, it might be worth replacing them in the near future with newer plants.
July 5
Harvested some more Bok Choy leaves and some lettuce. I plan to replace that lettuce plant once I get the reservoir topped up.
July 6 Before Harvest
July 6 Harvest
July 6 After Harvest
Not a bad week for the plants. They remain as thirsty as ever, but that isn't a bad thing. I have some new seedlings to replace the older lettuce plants, but I'll need to look further ahead for the others.

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