Sunday, July 29, 2018

DWC Growth Log -- Week of 7/21

Growth in the deep water culture system for the week starting July 21. The system has recovered from the previous harvests and has started producing a lot of greens.

Came back from a weekend trip to see the newest lettuce looking scrawny. Topped up the reservoir with water for now.
July 23
July 24
Harvested a bunch of Bok Choy and Swiss Chard. Delicious lunch time snack!
July 24 Harvest
July 24 After Harvest
Lettuce wasn't looking too good so I topped up the reservoir with more nutrient solution to see if it would recover.
July 25
July 26
On the last day of the week, harvested a bunch of basil so it would start regrowing. The leaves were crowding out the plants around them.
July 27
July 27 Basil and Bok Choy harvest
July 27 After Harvest

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