Saturday, November 4, 2017

2017 Fall/Winter Container Garden Timelapse

The tomato plants I brought with me from my former residence were dying off. After removing them from the container, I wanted to plant something new in there. After seeing how prolific the Chard and kale plants were in my old garden, I threw some seeds in there. Red Russian Kale and Bright Lights Swiss Chard should be able to establish themselves quick enough to make it before winter time.

Germination -- September 22
Growth -- October 8

Established plants -- October 21
Vigorous Growth -- October 25
The rainy season begins -- November 4
Many warm days this fall allowed the garden to establish itself. I've harvested some baby leaf greens so far and will be harvesting more salad in the upcoming weeks. It's a good thing that Kale and Chard love the cold!

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