Saturday, November 25, 2017

Grapefruit Sapling Timelapse: Seed to First Fruit

With the success of my brother's container garden timelapse post, I figured I'd share my success growing my first grapefruit from seed.
It started with a bunch of seeds that were already germinating inside some fruit I bought.  I planted one in this cup of dirt and tried the rest hydroponically since I didn't have any other dirt at the time.  None of the hydroponic ones ever grew.
Due to space constraints, I planted the lone grapefruit sapling with a pineapple. On the top are rose petals for ground cover.
Considerable growth on the pineapple, but the grapefruit looks like it could use more space.
1/8/2017 before transplant
Time to transplant to a larger container.
1/8/2017 after transplant
The spring weather and additional root space caused for some wonderful growth.  I noticed this first flower on the onset of spring break.
Flower eventually turned into a little fruit!
Fruit getting bigger.
Even more fruit growth.  Size comparison with large grapefruit.
This thing just looked so funny.  The fruit grew to about 1" in diameter.
First signs of ripe.
More ripe.
I decided it was time to pick when the outside started getting wrinkly and the stem dried out.
Little grapefruit success! It did actually taste like grapefruit.
More growth updates:
After building a wooden pot and transplanting again.

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