Friday, March 17, 2017

Making the Rye Stout again (Batch #3)

I liked the Rye Stout so much, I made it for a third time. This recipe is very tasty!
Can't make beer without grain
The only difference this time is that I let the mash go for a total of 2 hours instead of the usual 90 minutes. But I did at least learn that I can let the mash go longer with little consequence. I think the grain bed absorbed a bit more water, leading to a lower final volume at the end. Regardless, the beer should still be fantastic!

Can't make beer without getting the grain wet
Lautering worked with no trouble at all
Gravity check at the end of the boil was 1.055, which is consistent with the previous batch (6.5% ABV expected). Cheers!

Can't make beer without heat
Can't make beer without yeast either.

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