Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Graff Bottling

The head on the carbonated product was much more profound.
Two weeks of fermenting the graff, and it was ready to bottle. This brew finished up at 1.000, giving it an ABV of 8%.

I used half of a gallon of apple juice as my priming sugar, as I have done with my past ciders. The graff tastes more on the apple side of things, but the malt flavor is definitely there. It forms a nice head that lasts significantly longer than the head on any of the ciders I have made.

Taking a peak before a gravity reading

Getting set to siphon 
Beginning the siphoning 
Here is where I add in 1/2 gallon of apple juice 
Finished up the transfer.

Sophisticated bottle cleaning setup. One holds Oxyclean. The other Starsan.
Bottling in full effect

Close up on the fancy labels
That's a lot of brew!
In total, I was able to cap 50 bottles worth of graff. Time to enjoy some delicious homebrew. Cheers!

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