Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fender Repair 4

When we last left off, the top bracket had broken (again) and one of the stays snapped off. Also, there was a large crack forming in the middle. When in doubt, just add more metal! Actually, if I were using the bike for its intended purpose, this never would've happened. Most of the front fender damage was a result of improper use (attempting to put a bicycle inside a car). Note to self: never put a vehicle inside a vehicle.
home made fender

The new stays were made of some wider strip material compared with the old rod which was from a filing cabinet folder hanger. Also, finally replacing the old Phillips head screws holding on the fender and rack with Allen screws because they're stronger and can be tightened harder.
fender new stays
Here's a picture of the bracket after I fixed it the first time:
old bracket
I finally realized that I didn't even need to cut off that extra material when making the new bracket, so this one should be stronger. Also, the old pop rivets ended up breaking off, so this time I used bolts and nuts and lock washers.
new bracket
How many more times am I going to repair this thing before I give up?
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