Monday, August 8, 2016

Rye Stout Batch #2 Bottling

After (a somewhat explosive) primary and secondary fermentation, the second batch of Rye Stout was ready for bottling 3.5 weeks after brew day.
Setting up to bottle this batch of Rye Stout
This brew finished at 1.010, corresponding to an ABV of 6.0%. It's slightly lower alcohol content than the first batch of this brew, but I knew it could be fine with a little dilution due to it's malty character.
"Factory sealed"
From this batch, I was able to bottle 53 12 oz bottles and 3 22 oz bottles, a total liquid volume of 5.5 gallons. The flavor was on point; malty with a slightly roasted character. The rye malt does wonders to balance out the flavor profile.
Lots of beer to drink!
Although I don't usually make the same recipe twice, this beer is definitely one I will likely make annually because of how much I like it. Cheers!
A closer view of the color

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